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Life Coaching

Life coaches provide support, structure and encouragement to help you fulfil your potential, making the most of your lives and moving forward in the areas which you want to change such as relationships, careers, fitness, work-life balance or self-confidence.

Does this sound familiar?

Youíve been in the same job for years and itís beginning to feel like Groundhog Day.

You know there is something missing from your life but you canít rock that familiar boat.

You already know the habit you should break, the conversation you need to have, the risk you need to confront, but, you canít get yourself to do it.

How long has it been since you had a good time?

Pain is one sign, but the absence of pleasure is another. When you donít feel much of anything, when there's no excitement, no ambition, no energy, something is wrong.

If this is not a response to a recent loss or a difficult situation, this is your signal that you are stuck in a rut.

If you want to break free of your rut try these self coaching questions.

What would I attempt if I knew I wouldn't fail?

What can I do today that I have been dreaming about for a long time?

What can I do right this second that will change who and what I am a year from now, 4 years from now?

My future will be a repetition of my past unless something changes.

Do I want to make the change?

What additional information do I need to make a wise and informed decision here?

Whose advice have I been listening to? Has it helped? Where can I get the most helpful information and feedback?

What am I waiting for?

If you have the answers to these questions and you are acting on them, you are your own Life Coach.

If you have the answers and you are not acting on them, you will benefit from the help of a Life Coach.

If you can't answer these (or some of these) questions and you would like to, contact a Life Coach.

Failure is ONLY important lessons we have learnt, which enables us to move on, improve and grow

Online Consultations £55. Block booking of four sessions £200

Don't sit there waiting for your life to change, begin TODAY and start to implement those changes

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Remember, beauty is never skin deep. Nothing only exists because of the shell it belongs to or has been given. Bearing this in mind, whenever we want to change anything, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, (our appearance, feelings and thoughts) the change ONLY occurs from changing your thoughts, thinking patterns, and your feelings about how you see yourself. For example, we change our looks easily and have any amount of cosmetic surgery we could afford, but unless we feel beautiful inside, we will never feel beautiful outside. We must first love ourselves in order that we can love others. If we donít know how to even treat ourselves with love and compassion, how could we every treat anyone else with the same? No one is saying it is easy to change the way you think, I certainly know its not. But how much money would it be worth to you to be happy in your life, with all aspects of your life? Could any amount of money ever make up for you being miserable and unhappy in your life? If you truly believe you are happy in life and you think it's all genuine, then all I ask you to do is take all the material things away out of your life and imagine that all you have left is your family, friends, pets, the roof over your house with no objects in there and last of all yourself, your body, including your feelings, thoughts, thinking patterns and physical looks and your good health. Would you still be content and happy, with the most important things in your life you have left? If the answer to that question is no, then donít you think it's time YOU found happiness within? Instead of just looking beyond that and to other people and material objects in your life, which will give you a little satisfaction for a short time only, which are all purely false hopes. Life is truly amazing if you allow it to be and the moment you allow yourself to be happy and love yourself for who you are is the moment you will never look back on your life and only look forward and be so happy and positive about everything in your life.

If your not happy and want to change your life, then donít wait until the time is right. When will the time ever be right? There is always some excuse we can make for putting things off, but when it comes to our health is this really wise? We all lead busy and complicated lifeís and have little if any time to place the emphasis on ourselves and our own well being. Yet each and every second of every day, we rely on our bodies for every single function which we have. We all take for granted each breath we have, thereís an endless supply without a second thought. If we do not give our bodies the right conditions to enable them to heal themselves, we will without a doubt suffer the consequences. We donít think twice about buying that new outfit we have had our eye on, of spending money on outings here, there and everywhere, yet when it comes to our health, can we truly say we take some me time each day. To relax and enjoy the things we love to do in life and just to remind ourselves how lucky we are and for the blessings we already have in our lifeís?

Life is all about choices and decisions. Each and every day we are the ones in control of our own destiny. If we are not happy, we can change that simply by changing the way we are thinking. Our dreams will only be as big or as small as we allow them to be. Everything we could possibly ever want and need we already have within. The universe provides us with all the prosperity and abundance we could ever need, the moment we chose to allow it and accept it. The problem most of us have is that we are looking for outside factors and influences to find true happiness and contentment within. The moment we do that, is the moment we place our fate and destiny in the hands of others and will never be happy because we are striving for another to help us find what we already have within, just never bother to look for.

The key to finding true happiness and contentment is by focusing on ones self. It could not be any easier. To analyse our own thoughts, feelings and actions, will give us all the answers we have been looking for. When we take the focus away from ourselves and look for outside influences, we will always be looking in vain.

We have all the tools to heal ourselves and our own bodies, we were born with them. ANY illness or disease was created by ourselves and our thoughts which are the circumstances which we have given our bodies. If negative thoughts are continued they will be carried by water and begin to manifest in the body and become a disease or illness. Our minds are the author and our body is the script. We are what we think and always will be. If we think we are fat, ugly, unhappy or depressed, then that is the state we will remain in, until we change our own thought patterns and change our way of thinking into positive and constructive. By simply telling ourselves how we want to look or feel each day or by using positive affirmations we can change our thought patterns and change the whole way we look at life. We can all change who we are and what we have become if we are not happy, by simply changing the way we think.